Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 82: Line Changes

Regel 82.1: Line Changes

Following the stoppage of play, the visiting Team shall promptly place a line-up on the ice ready for play and no substitution shall be made from that time until play has been resumed.

The Home Team may then make any desired substitution, except in cases following an “icing”, which does not result in the delay of the game. “Placing a line-up on the ice” shall mean that both Teams shall place the full complement of Players (and not exceed) to which they are entitled within the line change time frame.
If there is any undue delay by either Team in changing Players, the Referee shall order the offending Team or Teams to take their positions immediately and not permit any further Player changes.

When a substitution has been made under the above rule, no additional substitution may be made until play commences. Once the line change procedure has been completed, no additional Player substitutions shall be permitted until the “face-off” has been completed legally and play has resumed, except when a penalty or penalties are imposed that affect the “on-ice strength” of either or both Teams. This may include penalties imposed following the completion of the line change and prior to the “face-off”, or due to a penalty assessed for a “face-off” violation – refer to Rule 82.2 – Line Change – Procedure.

A Team that is in violation of Rule 63.8 – No Line Change or Rule 81 – Icing, shall not be permitted to make any Player substitutions prior to the ensuing “face-off”.

However, a Team shall be permitted to make a Player substitution to replace a Goalkeeper who had been substituted for an extra attacker, to replace an injured Player, or when a penalty has been assessed which affects the “on-ice strength” of either Team. The determination of Players on ice will be made when the puck leaves the offending Player’s stick.
Goalkeepers’ substitution during a game will be conducted within the same time frame as a regular line change. No extra time will be allotted to the Goalkeeper coming off the bench, except in the case where an injury to a Goalkeeper occurs.

Regel 82.2: Line Change – Procedure

Following a stoppage of play, the Referee will enforce the following line change procedure once they have determined that this procedure may begin:

(I) The Referee shall give the visiting Team up to five (5) seconds to make its line change.

(II) The Referee shall raise their hand to indicate no further changes by the visiting Team and to commence the Home Team’s line change.

(III) The Referee shall give the Home Team up to eight (8) seconds to make its line change.

(IV) The Referee shall lower their hand to indicate no further changes by the Home Team.

(V) Any attempt by either Team to make a change after the Referee’s signal, attempt to place too many Players on the ice for the subsequent line change, or attempt to make additional personnel changes, shall not be permitted and the Referee will send the Players who have attempted to change back to their Players’ Bench. The Referee will then issue a warning to the offending Team (through the Coach) indicating that any subsequent violations during the rest of the game (including Overtime), shall result in a Bench Minor Penalty for “delaying the game”. This penalty shall be announced as a “Bench Minor Penalty for “Delay of Game” – Improper Line Change.”

(VI) The Linesperson conducting the “face-off” will blow their whistle (once the Referee has lowered their hand for the line changes) to indicate that all Players must be in position and on-side for the “face-off” within five (5) seconds. The “face-off” will then be conducted → Rule 76 – Face-offs.

(VII) Players who are slow (after the five-second warning whistle given by the Linesperson) getting to the “face-off” location or who are in an off-side position for the ensuing “face-off” will be warned once in the game by the Referee. This warning will also be given to the offending Team’s Coach. In this situation, the offending Team’s center is not ejected from the “face-off”. Any subsequent violation shall result in a Bench Minor Penalty for “Delay of Game” being assessed to the offending Team.

(VIII) In the last two (2) minutes of regulation time and any time in the Overtime period(s), points (vi) and (vii) above are not applicable. The Linesperson shall give the Teams a reasonable amount of time to set up for the ensuing “face-off” after points (i) through (v) above have been enforced.

Regel 82.3: Line Change – Bench Minor Penalty

The Home Team is entitled to “last change”. This means the visiting Coach must put their Players out on the ice first, after which time the home Coach must do so. If either Team does not make its changes promptly, the Referee will not permit the change.
Failure by either Team to comply, or tardiness to comply, or deliberate error in complying with this rule will result first in a warning from the Referee and then a Bench Minor Penalty shall be assessed for “Delay of Game”. Players must proceed directly to the location of the “face-off” to participate in the ensuing “face-off”.

Any attempts to delay the game by stalling or otherwise unnecessary actions by either Team shall result in the assessment of a Bench Minor Penalty for “delaying the game”. This penalty shall be announced as a “Bench Minor Penalty for “Delay of Game” – Slow Proceeding to “Face-off Location (or Slow Proceeding to Players’ Bench).”

During the play, if a Player wishes to retire from the ice and be replaced by a substitute, they must do so at the Players’ Bench and not through any other exit leading from the Rink. This is not a legal Player change and therefore when a violation occurs, a Bench Minor Penalty shall be imposed.