Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 71: Premature Substitution

Regel 71.1: Premature Substitution

When a Goalkeeper leaves their goal area and proceeds to their Players’ Bench for the purpose of substituting another Player, the Skater cannot enter the playing surface before the Goalkeeper is within 1.50 m (5 ft) of their Players’ Bench.
If the substitution is made prematurely, the Official shall stop play immediately unless the non-offending Team has “possession of the puck” - in which event the stoppage will be delayed until the puck “changes possession”.

There shall be no time penalty to the Team making the premature substitution, but the resulting “face-off” will take place at the Center ice Face-off Spot when play is stopped beyond the Center red line. When play is stopped prior to the Center red line, the resulting “face-off” shall be conducted at the nearest Face-off Spot in the zone where the play was stopped.

In all other situations not covered in the above, a Minor Penalty may result for “too many Players on the ice”.
Rule 74 – Too many Players on the ice

Regel 71.2: Announcement

The Referee shall request that the Public Address Announcer make the following announcement: “Play has been stopped due to premature substitution for the Goalkeeper.”