Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 55: Hooking

Regel 55.1: Hooking

Hooking is the act of using the stick in a manner that enables a Player to restrain an opponent. If the stick goes against the opponent’s hands / or near the opponent’s hands, it shall be penalized as “hooking”.
When a Player is checking another in such a way that there is only stick-to-stick contact, such action is not to be penalized as “hooking”.

Regel 55.2: Minor Penalty

A Minor Penalty shall be imposed on a Player who impedes the progress of an opponent by “hooking” with their stick. A Minor Penalty for “hooking” shall be assessed to any Player who uses the shaft of the stick above the upper hand to hold or hook an opponent.

Regel 55.3: Major Penalty

The Referee, at their discretion, may assess a Major Penalty to a Player guilty of “hooking” an opponent, and who recklessly endangers the fouled Player in a way that at the discretion of the Referee such Player would not be sufficiently sanctioned by imposing a Minor Penalty. Refer to Rule 55.4 for the criteria for an additional Game Misconduct Penalty.

Regel 55.4: Game Misconduct

A Game Misconduct Penalty must be assessed anytime a Major Penalty is imposed for “hooking”.

Regel 55.5: Penalty Shot

This rule is identically described under
Rule 24.8 – Infractions

Regel 55.6: Awarded Goal

This rule is identically described under
Rule 54.4 – Awarded Goal

Regel 55.7: Disciplinary Measures

If deemed appropriate, Supplementary Discipline can be applied by the Proper Authorities at their discretion.
Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline