Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 54: Holding

Regel 54.1: Holding

Any action by a Player that restrains or impedes the progress of an opposing Player whether or not they are in possession of the puck.

Regel 54.2: Minor Penalty

A Minor Penalty shall be imposed on a Player who holds an opponent by using their hands, arms or legs.
A Player is permitted to use their arm in a strength move, by blocking their opponent, provided they have “body position” and are not using their hands in a holding manner, when doing so.
A Player is not permitted to hold an opponent’s stick. A Minor Penalty shall be assessed to a Player who holds an opponent’s stick (assessed and announced as “holding the stick”). A Player is permitted to protect themself by defending against an opponent’s stick. They must immediately release the stick and allow the Player to resume normal play.

Regel 54.3: “Penalty Shot”

This rule is described under
Rule 24.8 – Infractions

Regel 54.4: Awarded Goal

This rule is identically described under
Rule 25 – Awarded Goals