Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 52: Slew-Footing

Regel 52.1: Slew-Footing

“Slew-footing” is the act of a Player using their leg or foot to knock or kick an opponent’s feet from under them or pushes an opponent’s upper body backward with an arm or elbow, and at the same time with a forward motion of their leg, knocks or kicks the opponent’s feet from under them, causing them to fall violently to the ice.

Regel 52.2: Match Penalty

The Referee shall, at their discretion, assess a Match Penalty if a Player is guilty of “slew-footing” on an opposing Player.

Regel 52.3: Disciplinary Measures

If deemed appropriate, Supplementary Discipline can be applied by the Proper Authorities at their discretion.
Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline