Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 42: Charging

Regel 42.1: Charging

A penalty shall be imposed on a Player who skates, jumps into an opponent, or charges an opponent in any manner.

Charging shall mean the actions of a Player who either jumps to check an opponent, builds up speed by taking multiple strides immediately prior to making contact and / or travels an excessive distance with the sole purpose of delivering such a hit and / or violently checks an opponent in any manner. A “charge” may be the result of a check into the Boards, into the goal frame or in open ice. This rule is superseded by all similar actions regarding an “illegal hit to the head”, except those related to “fighting”. A penalty shall be imposed on a Player who charges a Goalkeeper while the Goalkeeper is within their Goal Crease.

A Goalkeeper is not “fair game” just because they are outside the Goal Crease area.
The appropriate penalty should be assessed in every case where an opposing Player makes unnecessary contact with a Goalkeeper.

However, incidental contact, at the discretion of the Referee, will be permitted when the Goalkeeper is in the act of playing the puck outside their Goal Crease, provided the attacking Player has made a reasonable effort to avoid such contact.

Regel 42.2: Minor Penalty

The Referee shall, at their discretion, assess a Minor Penalty, based on the degree of force and violence of the check, to a Player guilty of “charging” an opponent.

Regel 42.3: Major Penalty

The Referee, at their discretion, may assess a Major Penalty to a Player guilty of “charging” an opponent, and who recklessly endangers the fouled Player in a way that at the discretion of the Referee such Player would not be sufficiently sanctioned by imposing a Minor Penalty. Refer to Rule 42.5 for the criteria for an additional Game Misconduct Penalty.

Regel 42.4: Match Penalty

The Referee, at their discretion, may assess a Match Penalty if, in their judgment, the Player recklessly endangers their opponent by “charging”. Such assessment of reckless endangerment shall be based on the severity of the infraction, severity of the contact, the degree of violence and the general reprehensibility involved.

Regel 42.5: Game Misconduct Penalty

When a Major Penalty is assessed under this rule for “charging” and, in the judgement of the Referee, such foul was likely to injure an opposing Player, a Game Misconduct shall also be assessed.

Regel 42.6: Disciplinary Measures

If deemed appropriate, Supplementary Discipline can be applied by the Proper Authorities at their discretion.
Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline

Regel 42.7: “Penalty Shot”

This rule is described under
Rule 24.8 – Infractions