Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 33: Official Scorekeeper

Regel 33.1: General Duties

Refer to League Regulations

Regel 33.2: Goals and Assists

The Referees shall report the name or number of the “goal scorer” and also report any Player deserving an “assist” for that goal. Changes in any award of points will be done by a League representative.
In the event the Video Review Operations reviews a play, and a goal is awarded even though play went for any period of time, the Official Scorekeeper records the goal and any assists at the time the goal was scored.

If they are unsure, they must check with the Video Review Operations. The Timekeeper must also be informed in order to adjust the clock and the penalty clocks accordingly. A goal is awarded to the last Player on the scoring Team to touch the puck prior to the puck entering the net.
Rule 78 – Goals

An “assist” is awarded to the Player or Players (maximum two) who touches the puck prior to the “goal scorer”, provided no defender plays or “possesses the puck” in between.
Assists can be given to deserving Players on a goal that has been awarded by the Referee if the Referee or Official Scorekeeper deems that assists would have been given on the eventual goal anyway.
When goals are scored in the final minute of a period where tenths of seconds are shown on the clock, the time of the goal shall be rounded up to the nearest second for the official records.

Regel 33.3: Line-ups

The Coach of both Teams provide the Official Scorekeeper with a list of eligible Players and designated Captain and Alternates.
For more information refer to League Regulations.

The Official Scorekeeper should have an off-ice crew member assist them in order to save time and complete these duties. The Official Scorekeeper must report to the Proper Authorities if either Coach fails to cooperate within these recommended guidelines.

Regel 33.4: Location

The Official Scorekeeper shall be placed on the Official Scorekeepers Box opposite the Players’ Benches and should have a good view of the ice surface from this position.
The Official Scorekeeper has access to a television monitor and shall have a communication device to communicate with the Video Review Operations.

Regel 33.5: Penalties

The Official Scorekeeper must help the Penalty Timekeeper with the numbers of the Players on the ice, in the event a Goalkeeper is assessed a penalty, or a Player is ejected from a game.
They must also keep an eye on the Players’ Benches during an altercation and record the numbers of any Players who leave their respective Players’ or Penalty Boxes and in the order that they so leave.