Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 32: Linespersons

Regel 32.1: Attire and Equipment

All Linespersons shall be dressed in black pants, League Officials’ jerseys, an League approved helmet with visor and approved whistles.

Regel 32.2: Face-offs

The Linesperson shall “face-off” the puck at all times except at the start of each period.

Regel 32.3: General Duties

The Linesperson are generally responsible for calling violations of “Off-side” and “Icing”.
Rule 81 – Icing and → Rule 83 – Off-Side.

They may stop play for a variety of other situations as noted in Rule 32.4 and Rule 33.5 below.

Regel 32.4: Reporting to Referee

The Linesperson shall give the Referees their interpretation of any incident that may have taken place during the game.
(I) When a Player who has lost or broken their stick receives one illegally → Rule 10 – Sticks
(II) When Team Personnel interfere with a Game Official → Rule 39 – Abuse of Officials
(III) When any identifiable Player on the Player’s or Penalty Box, by means of their stick or their body, interferes with the movements of the puck or an opponent → Rule 56 – Interference
(IV) There are “too many Players on the ice” → Rule 74 – Too many Players on the ice
(V) Articles are thrown on the ice from the Players’ Bench or Penalty Box → Rule 75 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The Linesperson shall report upon completion of play, any circumstances pertaining to:
(I) Major Penalties → Rule 20 – Major Penalties
(II) Match Penalties → Rule 21 – Match Penalties
(III) Misconduct Penalties → Rule 22 – Misconduct Penalties
(IV) Game Misconduct Penalties → Rule 23 – Game Misconduct Penalties
(V) Abuse of Officials → Rule 39 – Abuse of Officials
(VI) Physical Abuse of Officials → Rule 40 – Physical Abuse of Officials
(VII) Unsportsmanlike Conduct → Rule 75 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Should a Linesperson witness a foul (above) committed by an attacking Player (undetected by the Referees) prior to the attacking Team scoring a goal, the Linesperson shall report what they witnessed to the Referees, the goal shall be disallowed, and the appropriate penalty assessed.

The Linesperson shall stop play immediately and report to the Referees when:
When it is apparent that an injury has resulted from a “high-stick” that has gone undetected by the Referees and requires the assessment of a Double-minor Penalty.
Rule 60 – High-Sticking

Regel 32.5: Stopping Play

The Linesperson shall stop play:
(I) When they deem that a Player has sustained a serious injury, and this has gone undetected by either of the Referees → Rule 8 – Injured Players
(II) When there have been interference by/with spectators → Rule 24 – Penalty Shot
(III) The calling of a “Penalty Shot” under → Rule 53 – Throwing Equipment
(IV) When premature substitution of the Goalkeeper has occurred → Rule 71 – Premature Substitution
(V) When an infraction of “too many Players on the ice” occurs → Rule 74 – Too many Players on the ice
(VI) For encroachment into the “face-off” area → Rule 76 – Face-offs
(VII) When the puck has been batted with the hand by either center in an attempt to win the “face-off” in any zone → Rule 76 – Face-offs
(VIII) When a goal has been scored that has not been observed by the Referees → Rule 78 – Goals
(IX) When the puck has been directed with a hand to a Teammate in any zone other than the Defending Zone and this has gone undetected by either of the Referees → Rule 79 – Hand Pass
(X) When the puck is struck by a stick above the normal height of the shoulders, and this has gone undetected by either of the Referees → Rule 80 – High-Sticking the Puck
(XI) When either Team “ices” the puck → Rule 81 – Icing
(XII) For any infraction of the rules concerning “Off-side” play at the Blue Line → Rule 83 – Off-Side
(XIII) When the puck is interfered with by an ineligible Player/person → Rule 5 – Team, → Rule 74 – Too many Players on the ice, → Rule 78 – Goals and → Rule 84 – Overtime Operations
(XIV) When the puck is “out of bounds” or unplayable → Rule 85 – Puck out of Bounds

Regel 32.6: Unable to continue

Should a Linesperson accidentally leave the ice or receive an injury which incapacitates them from fulfilling their duties while play is in progress, the game shall be automatically stopped.