Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 2: Goal Posts and Nets

Regel 2.1: Goal Posts

Each Rink must have two (2) “Goal Nets”, one at either end of the Rink. The “Goal Net” is comprised of a Goal frame and netting. The open end of the goal net must face Center ice.
Each Goal Net must be located in the center of the Goal Line at either end and must be installed in such manner as to remain stationary during the progress of the game. The Goal posts shall be kept in position by means of flexible pegs affixed in the ice or floor, but which displace the Goal Net from its moorings upon significant contact, are mandatory. The holes for the goal pegs must be located exactly on the Goal Line.
The Goal posts shall be of an approved design and material, extending vertically 1.22 m above the surface of the ice and set 1.83 m apart measured from the inside of the posts. A crossbar of the same material as the Goal posts shall extend from the top of one post to the top of the other. The Goal posts and crossbar shall be painted in red color and all other exterior surfaces shall be painted in white color.

Regel 2.2: Goal Nets

A net of an approved design shall be attached to each Goal frame and made of white nylon cord, which shall be draped in such a manner as to prevent the puck coming to rest on the outside of it yet strung in a manner that will keep the puck in the net. A skirt of heavy white nylon fabric or heavyweight white canvas shall be laced around the base plate of the goal frame in such a way as to protect the Goal net from being cut or broken.
This protective padding must be attached in a manner that will not restrict the puck from completely crossing the Goal Line. This padding must be set back 15 cm from the inside of the Goal post. This skirt shall not project more than 2.5 cm above the base plate. The frame of the Goal shall be draped with a nylon mesh net to completely enclose the back of the frame.

Regel 2.3: Water bottles

A goaltender has to use the holder on the top of the net for his water bottle. If the goaltender refuses to use the holder the Referee issues a warning and relay the same message to the coach. At a second violation, the Referee shall remove the water bottle from the net.