Regelbuch DEL Saison 2022/23

Regel 13: Puck

Regel 13.1: Dimensions

The puck shall be made of vulcanized rubber, or other approved material, 2.5 cm thick and 7.6 cm in diameter and shall weigh between 156 g and 170 g (5 ½ and 6 oz.). All pucks used in competition must be approved by the league.

Regel 13.2: Supply

The league can provide official pucks which shall be kept in a frozen condition. This supply of pucks shall be kept at the Penalty Box under the control of one of the regular off-ice Officials or a special attendant.

Regel 13.3: Illegal Puck

If at any time while play is in progress, a puck other than the one legally in play shall appear on the playing surface, the play shall not be stopped but shall continue with the legal puck until the play then in progress is completed by change of possession.