Regelbuch DEL Saison 2023/24

Regel 7: Starting Line-Up

Regel 7.1: Starting Line-Up

See §18 Spielordnung and Teil A §13 der Richtlinie

Regel 7.2: Violation

For an infraction of this rule, a bench minor penalty shall be imposed upon the offending team. This is an appeal play and must be brought to the Referee’s attention prior to the second face-off in the game. There is no penalty to the requesting team if their appeal is unsustained. The determining factor is the player or goalkeeper’s name, and not necessarily the player or goalkeeper’s number, must be correctly listed by the team. In the event a team scores on the first shift of the game, and it is brought to the attention of the Referee by the opposing team that the team that scored did not have the correct starting line-up on the ice, the goal shall be allowed and a bench minor penalty assessed to the offending team for having an improper starting line-up. If the team that scores a goal on the first shift of the game challenges the starting line-up of the opposing team and the opposing team did not have the correct starting line-up, the scoring of the goal would nullify the bench minor penalty and no further penalties would be assessed.