Regelbuch DEL Saison 2023/24

Regel 68: Illegal Substitution

Regel 68.1: Illegal Substitution

An “illegal substitution” shall be deemed to have occurred when a Player enters the game illegally from either the Players’ Bench (Teammate not within the 1.50 m limit → Rule 74 – Too Many Players On The Ice), from the Penalty Box (penalty has not yet expired), when a Major Penalty is being served and the replacement Player does not return to the ice from the Penalty Box → Rule 68.2 – Bench Minor Penalty, or when a Player illegally enters the game for the sole purpose of preventing an opposing Player from scoring on a “breakaway” → Rule 68.3 – Penalty Shot, or → Rule 68.4 – Awarded Goal.

When an injured Player is penalized and leaves the game, if they return before the expiration of their penalty, they are not eligible to play. This includes Coincidental Penalties when their substitute is still in the Penalty Box awaiting a stoppage in play. The injured Player must wait until their substitute has been released from the Penalty Box before they are eligible to play.
Rule 8.1 – Injured Player

Regel 68.2: Bench Minor Penalty

When a Player receives a Major Penalty and a Misconduct or Game Misconduct Penalty at the same time, or when an injured Player receives a Major Penalty and is unable to serve the penalty themself, the penalized Team shall place a substitute Player in the Penalty Box immediately and no replacement for the penalized Player shall be permitted to enter the game except from the Penalty Box. Any violation of this provision shall be treated as an illegal substitution under this rule calling for a Bench Minor Penalty.

Regel 68.3: Penalty Shot

This rule is described under → Rule 70.7 – “Penalty Shot”

Regel 68.4: Awarded Goal

This rule is described under → Rule 70.8 – Awarded Goal

Regel 68.5: Disallowed Goal

This rule is described under → Rule 70.9 – Disallowed Goal

Regel 68.6: Deliberate Illegal Substitution

Too Many Players on the Ice. → Rule 74 – Too Many Players On The Ice