Regelbuch DEL Saison 2023/24

Regel 5: Team

Regel 5.1: Eligible Players

A Game is contested between two (2) Teams which play under the direction of On-ice and Off-ice Officials.
A Team shall be composed of twenty-one (21) Players. No more than nineteen (19) Skaters and two (2) Goalkeepers shall be permitted. For the purposes of these playing rules, any reference to “Player” shall refer to both Skaters and Goalkeepers. Any reference to “Goalkeeper” shall mean that the section of the rule is specific to Goalkeepers.

Prior to the start of each game, the Team Manager, Coach of each Team shall list on a “Line-up / Roster Sheet” the Players who are eligible to play in the game. Only eligible Players can be listed on the Roster Sheet and play in a Game.
For more information refer to League Regulations.

Game rules will not allow for a Team to have more than six (6) Players (one (1) Goalkeeper and five (5) Skaters) on the ice at any time during game action when the team is not penalized.
Rule 74 – Too Many Players On The Ice

A Team must put at least four (4) Players (one (1) Goalkeeper and three (3) Skaters) on the ice, if two (2) or more Players are penalized. A Team must put the required number of players on the ice to resume play – see Rule 66 – Forfeit of Game.

Regel 5.2: Ineligible Player

Only Players on the Roster Sheet list submitted to the Official Scorekeeper before the game may participate in the Game. Whenever an ineligible Player is identified to the Referee, the ineligible Player will be removed from the Game and the Team shall not be able to substitute another Player from its Roster.
No additional penalties are to be assessed but a report of the incident must be submitted to the Proper Authorities. For an ineligible Goalkeeper see Rule 5.3 – Goalkeeper.
If a goal is scored when an ineligible Player is on the Ice (whether they were involved in the scoring or not), the goal will be disallowed. This only applies to the goal scored at the stoppage of play whereby the Player was deemed to be ineligible. All other goals scored previously by the ineligible Player’s Team (with them on the ice or not) shall be allowed.

If a Player is assessed a penalty, and during the penalty they are found to be an ineligible Player, they will be removed from the game and another Player of their Team, designated by the Coach, must serve the remainder of the penalty.
No additional penalties are to be assessed but a report of the incident must be submitted to the Proper Authorities.
For more information refer to League Regulations.

Regel 5.3: Goalkeeper

Each Team shall be allowed one (1) Goalkeeper on the ice at one time. The Goalkeeper may be removed and substituted by another Skater. Such substitute shall not be permitted the privileges of the Goalkeeper.
Each Team shall have on its Players’ Bench, or on a chair immediately beside the Players’ Bench (or nearby), a substitute Goalkeeper who shall always be fully equipped and ready to play.

Except when both (2) Goalkeepers are incapacitated, no Skater listed on the Official Game Sheet shall be permitted to wear the equipment of the Goalkeeper.

For more information refer to League Regulations.

If both (2) listed Goalkeepers are incapacitated, that Team shall be entitled to dress and play any Goalkeeper who is eligible. In the event that the two (2) regular Goalkeepers are injured or incapacitated in quick succession, the third (3rd) Goalkeeper shall be provided with a reasonable amount of time to get dressed, in addition to a two-minute (2) warm-up (except when they enter the game to defend against a “Penalty Shot”).
If, however, the third (3rd) Goalkeeper is dressed and on the Players’ Bench when the second (2nd) Goalkeeper becomes incapacitated, the third (3rd) Goalkeeper shall enter the game immediately and no warm-up is permitted.

Regel 5.4: Coaches and Team Personnel

Only Players in uniform and official non-playing Team Personnel duly registered on the Roster Sheet shall be permitted to occupy the Player’s Benches so provided.
Every Team must have at least one Staff Member behind the Team on the Players’ Bench to act as Coach and at least one (1) qualified Coach or Medical Expert to treat Players in case of injury.

Regel 5.5: Team Officials and Technology

Non-playing Team Personnel who are on or near the Players’ Bench during the Game may use radio-technology to contact other Team Personnel in an area designated by the League.
Other forms of technology are permitted for Coaching purposes only (e.g., statistics, tagging) and may not be used to attempt to influence the decisions of the On-ice Officials in any way. If the technology is misused:
Rule 39 – Abuse of Officials

Regel 5.6: Pre-Game Warm-Up on the Ice

During warm-up on the ice, all protective equipment must be properly worn.
See Teil A §14 Richtlinie.