Regelbuch DEL Saison 2023/24

Regel 44: Clipping

Regel 44.1: Clipping

“Clipping” or a “low-hit” is the act of throwing the body across or below the knees of an opponent from any direction. A Player may not deliver a check in a “clipping” manner, nor lower their own body position to deliver a check on or below an opponent’s knees.

An illegal “low-hit” is a check that is delivered by a Player who may or may not have both skates on the ice, with their sole intent to check the opponent in the area of their knees. A Player may not lower their body position to deliver a check to an opponent’s knees.
A Player may not crouch down near the Boards to avoid being bodychecked and as a result, causes an opponent to tumble over them.

Regel 44.2: Minor Penalty

The Referee shall, at their discretion, assess a Minor Penalty, based on the degree of violence to a Player guilty of “clipping” an opponent.

Regel 44.3: Major Penalty and Game Misconduct Penalty

The Referee, at their discretion, may assess a Major Penalty and an automatic Game Misconduct Penalty if, in their judgment, the Player recklessly endangers their opponent by “clipping” and the player would not be sufficiently sanctioned by imposing a Minor Penalty. Such assessment of reckless endangerment shall be based on the severity of the infraction, severity of the contact, the degree of violence and the general reprehensibility involved.

Regel 44.4: Disciplinary Measures

If deemed appropriate, Supplementary Discipline can be applied by the Proper Authorities at their discretion.
Rule 28 – Supplementary Discipline